Kichatna Video

In spring 2005 I went to the Cathedral Spires in the Alaska Range (west of Denali), with Sean Isaac and Roger Strong. We (actually Roger and Sean, I was too lazy)took a bit of footage with Sean's camera and our friend Chris Alstrin edited the footage for us and made the following video.

Check out http://www.hg-productions.com/video/kichatna.mov

Chris is a talented up and coming film maker. Both last year and this year his movies have made the Banff Mountain Film Fest. He is presently working on a climbing film that will include chapters from Zion, The Black Canyon of the Gunnison, the Ghost River Alberta, Alpinism in the Canadian Rockies, and many other cool ideas. The Zion chapter will be in this year's film fest and he hopes to tour the completed project in spring 2007. Stay tuned to www.hg-productions.com


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