I Passed!

I feel free! No more climbing for the purpose of training. I can become a true climber again. Hell I could become a boulderer and never do an alpine route for myself again...not likely.

With the new time on my hands I think I will go try the route in the photo tomorrow. It is Sept. 23 and the ice is already well on its way. Honestly though, winter here in the Rockies is long enough that putting off cold climbing as long as possible is not a bad idea. An early season alpine route or two and I will seek out the warm rock of Yamnuska, the Ghost, Bataan, an Skaha.

Photo: You wish!


Blogger Butch said...

congrats! skaha for thanksgiving for this weekend warrior.

11:14 PM  
Blogger T from E said...

Hi Rob!


I never had any doubts - you're an awesome guide and I've always felt safe and had lots of fun climbing with you. You're also a true inspiration - you had a goal and you achieved it! You're a perfect example of what's possible with hard work and determination.

Looking forward to seeing and climbing with you sometime soon,

T from E

4:34 PM  

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