Welcome to Alpine Artist

Welcome. This is my first foray into this sorta cyber thing so bare with me. I hope for this to work as a medium for me to express my thoughts, release some words and images, and stay in touch with friends (likely you), and family.

Alpine Artist???? Well, I like to consider all aspects in my life as an art, a form of self expression.

When I first moved to the mountains, 8 years ago, I came with an equal passion for climbing mountains and taking photos. I have since lost some love for taking photos, which I find sad, but it has allowed for a freer style of climbing. No camera was light or compact enough to stay outta my way while climbing. If I brought the camera and wanted ‘good’ shots it would take away from the climbing and vise versa. I have been slowly downsizing over the years. I still get out with the camera quite often but now take maybe 10 roles of film a year as opposed to several hundred. It is my love for photography that lead to my realization that climbing mountains should be treated as an art form. I, as all humans do, have a need for creativity. Climbing has become my main medium. All the decisions I make in the mountains are an expression of who I am, what I’ve learned, and where I am at in my quest toward greater understanding.
I have since realized that, anything I have passion toward, can be analyzed and improved upon with the eye of an artist….. a way to understand and develop.

Rob Owens
Nov. 2005


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