My Favourite Photo

This photo is of my Grandpa and Grandma Owens, taken in 1938 in the northern mining town of Goldfields, Sk. Grandpa had just come out of the gold mine and was met by his new bride. Life was hard, simple.... minimalist.
I have always known that much of my inspiration in life has come from my heritage but this photo says it best. Hard and happy.
Life is very different now, compared to back then and I can't say I want to become a miner but, it does show a certain ideal that today I have to fight to achieve when back then there wasn't an option.


"The Road Less Traveled" M4+, WI3+ 60 Meter in Ranger Creek

The route follows the left facing corner in the middle of the photo and ends on a slabby ledge above the ice. 'Lone Ranger' to the right and 'Thin Universe' etc to the left.
Nov. 11/08 with Doug Scatcherd and Sylvain Riopel.

Have to say I felt a bit sly doing a new line in an area that is seeing as much traffic as this one is.
It was a bit of a fluke because I took a rock rack up to R and D (for some odd reason) and after doing that route this was the next best option with multiple parties on 'Chalice and the Spoon' and 'Lone Ranger'.