A Season of Opportunity

Early spring has got to be the best times of year. The energy of the lengthening days, the sun, and more than anything the variety. Last week in Canmore I personally went ski touring, ice climbing, and rock climbing. I know others that had good times fly fishing, trail running, road biking, and mountain biking as well. The spring for me is the time to look at the longer routes. The snow is starting to consolidate and provide support, the avalanche cycles are more predictable, and the days are long enough to actually get some stuff done without bivying.
So, should I get some time off of work I will be looking to get out for long days ski touring and in the alpine.
The following is a list of moderate mixed alpine routes that are certainly worthy of a spring ascent when the right conditions present themselves:
Asteroid Alley, Mt. Andromeda
Shooting Gallery, Mt. Andromeda
Side Street, Little Snowdome
Andromeda Strain, Andromeda
The Slawinski/Takeda, Athabasca
Humble Horse, Diadem

This a small list of regular performers. The perfect conditions that you need to look for are a nice cold night after a previously warm spell. If the routes is exposed to sun or if it warms too much during the day than cornice failure and avalanches are a big concern. Plan to get up and off the routes early and fast.

Can't wait for the next day out!