fly fishing

For about 10 years, from the ages of around 10-20, I spent way too many hours of my time thinking, dreaming, and practicing the art of flyfishing. My first job was tying flies for a local fishing store at age 12. At age 18 I had been through more flyrods than I had girlfriends. This may be from the aroma of deer hair and chicken feathers that was a permanent fixture in my bedroom. I had binders and boxes full of information including maps, phone numbers for local ranchers, fishing logs, magazine articles with what I would now consider 'beta'. Beta is a word commonly used by climbers and refers to information that may assist in successfully completing a climb. See, when I was 19 I first discovered climbing and it has since been the object of my obsession ever since. I have only fished a few days a year in amongst my vertical pursuits but I have always known that flyfishing was a pursuit that is righteous and would enter my world again. Perhaps serendipitously (I am not making any claims)today I did create a folder in 'my docs' titled, flyfishing.

Photo: Andrew Querner

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